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Wall air conditioner

A wall air conditioner needs regular maintenance to preserve its performance, after a while the dirt prevents your air conditioning from cooling down, but also for a more important reason these devices accumulate bacteria and fungi with the Years, so it is crucial to maintain it regularly. We offer a complete microbiological cleaning service for your device. Nothing will be spared, we take care of the entire system, filters, compressor, condenser, complete indoor and outdoor unit.

The technician will inspect your appliance for proper functioning,

After which our specialists will disassemble the casing to easily reach the coil since it is a very important component to clean, then install a special bag for this type of work in order to recover dirt and liquid from your wall air conditioner during cleaning, these bags will protect your walls, floors and furniture from splashing.

Cleaning of the coil will be done carefully using gentle and biodegradable solutions.

We provides commercial or residential services in and around Montreal.

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