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Give a second life to your carpets

Your carpet has known better days and you would like to see the same beautiful rug that you had before?

Take advantage of our carpet repair service.

Your carpets have a life story in your home! Wouldn’t you want to preserve their value? Whatever the damage on your carpet, whether caused by your vacuum, pets or by simple wear and tear, our specialists will restore fringes and/or edges, using the proper efficient equipment for all damage.

Protect and Preserve Your Persian or Oriental Rugs and Carpets

Our team of experts offers professional cleaning and maintenance services for your carpets and area rugs. We clean and repair Persian or Oriental carpets and rugs to restore them to their original appearance and keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

Oriental and Persian carpets are known worldwide for their quality and durability. The wear and tear of time will, however, inevitably take a toll on their appearance. Restoration can involve several different approaches, depending on the damage that has been done. Worn and torn sections of a rug can be rewoven by our experts using identical threads as the original, restoring your rug to its original brilliance. Edges and fringes can also be replaced or reinforced when necessary.

Once restored, we recommend following these useful tips to help preserve your carpet’s lustrous, original beauty.

  • Use a good-quality underpad to limit premature wear.
  • Vacuum at least twice per month, or more often as needed.
  • Should you spill something, blot up as much of it as you can with a clean cloth, then clean the spot with a mild detergent and cold water.
  • Rotate the carpet at least once each year to limit uneven wear from foot traffic.
  • Do not hesitate to do a disinfectant treatment.

Rug Repair: One of Our Many Areas of Expertise!

A rug makes a lovely decorative element that adds beauty and warmth to a room. Still, we must remember that it is also subjected to regular use and frequent foot traffic and as such, its vibrancy will fade over time. Unsightly tears or rips can also develop and, when combined with general wear (traffic, cleaning or vacuuming, pets, etc.), your precious rug can lose its original splendour.

Take corrective action before it’s too late and your rug is beyond repair. Restore its pristine looks by availing yourself of our repair and restoration services.

Our Solutions for Restoring Your Carpets and Rugs to their Original Beauty

We have several solutions for repairing or rejuvenating your carpets and area rugs.

Repairing tears and holes

Tears and holes are among the most common types of carpet damage. Holes can be caused by normal wear and tear, pets’ claws, mites, furniture legs, burns, high-heeled shoes, etc. Our solution: reweaving the rug’s warp and weft threads or using a canvas backing for flawless results that will amaze you! You won’t even be able to tell that the carpet has been repaired!

Creating stop points

The best way to limit the fraying of a carpet and prevent further damage is by using a technique that involves sewing stop points into the fabric.

Repairing rug fringe

Fringes are the warp threads of a rug, tied together, and they are likely to fray over time. Our experts will restore your rug to like-new condition by creating stop points and new fringes. The rug will look as beautiful as when you first acquired it!

Repairing and reinforcing carpet edging

The edges and borders of a carpet are vulnerable to damage from all types of sources. We can reinforce or repair frayed or worn edges using a method that will make your carpet look like new and which can even resize it, naturally and subtly.

Lining and reinforcing area rugs and carpets

To reinforce your carpet and help it hold its shape, we can affix a cotton lining to the underside.

Colour restoration in old rugs

It’s inevitable that a rug’s colours will eventually fade and lose their intensity, primarily due to exposure to sunlight shining through windows but also for other reasons. We use natural dyeing methods to restore the clarity and beauty of your rug’s original colours.

Maintenance is key!

The best way to keep your carpets and rugs looking as beautiful as when you first bought them is to have them cleaned on a regular basis. Contact us for an estimate to clean and maintain your carpets or rugs.

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