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Pressure washing services

We offer a pressure washing service for residential customers throughout Montreal, Laval, the South Shore and the North Shore.

Pressure washing is a highly effective process that uses high-pressure water spray to remove accumulated grime and more. Depending on your needs, cold or hot spray can be used for optimal cleaning. Very hot water is useful in dislodging ingrained impurities, degreasing and deoxidizing metal surfaces. Pressure washing can be done on any hard surface, such as brick, stone, vinyl, aluminum, soffits, pavement, cement and more. Ceramic seals can also be cleaned by a process that aspirates water during cleaning.

Restore your home’s original luster

Has the outside of your home begun to look drab over time? As years go by, air pollution, biological pollution, dirt and dampness settle into the exterior surfaces of a house. Brick fades, wood loses its sheen and vinyl siding can become chalky.

Pressure washing offers many solutions for restoring exterior surfaces that have been marred by rust, oil spots, mold and mildew, graffiti, flaking paint or stain, efflorescence (accumulated mineral salts that form whitish deposits) or other types of grime. If you’re thinking of renovating your home and want to extend its lifespan, pressure washing is an important step to take.

The ultimate protection for your home

Preserve your asset and prevent the appearance of dirt with our sealant application service. Waterproof sealant is a preferred solution for providing increased protection on paving stone, stone, stucco, brick, clay tile, cement, acrylic stucco or masonry surfaces. Usually made of water, the colourless sealant penetrates deep into the material to create a water-repellent barrier. Impurities of all kinds or graffiti thus have much more difficulty adhering to the surface, and become easier to remove. Sealant is a very efficient product that allows you to protect your real estate investment.

You can count on a company established for more than 24 years to handle the pressure washing of your home. Contact us for more information!

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