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We spend a third of our lives on our mattresses…

…and dead skin that we lose seeps in them, mites feasts of them and multiply by millions, we rarely think to eliminate these small creatures.

You should constantely keep your mattresses clean. If you do not clean it regularly, you may find yourself with a mattress stained with mold and traces of sweat. Children can have accidents on their mattresses overnight, there is a special urine treatment for those particular kind of messes. Clean your mattress often by vacuuming, you will eliminate the dust that embeds easily.

Often wash your quilts, your bed sheets, your pillowcases for perfect hygiene of your bedding.

Professional cleaning by Imperial Cleaning

A professional cleaning is recommended regularly for conventional mattresses vacuum cleaners are not powerful enough for a thorough cleaning of the mattresses. It simply just to suck the dirt bringing a little more still near the surface of the mattress where it piled up.This only exacerbates the symptoms Mite droppings must be loosened by vibration and pulverized.

A simple vacuum is not equipped with this device. It is important that the remaining mites, bacteria and spores are also killed.

Cleaning a mattress steam ahead treatment with enzymes effectively eliminate these miniature creatures. Additional disinfection treatment depart recurrence of mites.

Keep Your Furniture Germ-Free !

Your furniture is a dust compounder that creates harmful germs, bacteria, and dust mites. We can eliminate those nasty, unpleasant guests by applying a generous coat of antibacterial, which is safe for humans and pets, while improving your indoor air quality.

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