Nettoyage de tapis et moquettes
Nettoyage de tapis et moquettes

Your carpets deserve a second chance

So don’t wait any longer than necessary between cleanings. The more you take care of your carpets, the longer they endure. As you know, behind every advantage hides a disadvantage.

They can be so comfortable for your feet, they absorb noises, and they make your home cosy your children can lay and play on them and be warm. At the same time, dust, acaroid and allergens will accumulate year after year, even if you use the vacuum. This can make the air unpleasant to breathe.

That’s why Imperial Cleaning will offer you its highly efficient methods, cleaning products, and informed technicians, so your carpets will always be brighter and cleaner.

Cleaning Carpets

A pre-inspection will be done to understand what steps are necessary before we start the cleaning.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Our popular shampoo steam cleaning, fortified with enzymes method and our high performance equipment, will kick out all stainable dirt that have infiltrated in your carpets.

3 Step Carpet Cleaning

Our 3-step washing process will surely get your carpets remarkably clean. We spray them with a detergent that contains deeply penetrating enzymes. We apply an efficient stain remover to each kind of stain, and finally, we rinse and extract all dirt and soap residue.

Carpet Cleaning Inspection

It is crucial to us to keep a favourable long-term relation with our customers. Loyalty is very precious, so you’re always invited to inspect the cleaning that is performed before our technician leaves your place, to ensure your total satisfaction.

Stain Free Carpets

Protect your investment from stains and liquid penetration. Ask our technician to apply a thin layer of invisible and odorless stain protector, to help keep your valuables spotless for a longer time.

Keep Your Carpets Germs-Free

Your carpets are dust compounders and create harmful germs, bacteria and dust mites.

We can eliminate those nasty, unpleasant guests by applying a generous coat of antibacterial solution, which is safe for human, and pets while improving your indoor air quality.

apis et moquettes

We provides commercial or residential services in and around Montreal.

Imperial Cleaning specializes in carpet and carpet cleaning, residential and commercial cleaning services since 1995.