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Commercial carpet cleaning services in and around Montreal and Laval

Protect your investment

Commercial carpet Cleaning

We know that time is money, so we want to save you time and save you money. we provide  commercial carpet cleaning

Having a spotless office space is as important as your spotless brand, whether it’s

  • office carpet
  • restaurant carpet
  • hotels carpet
  • cinema carpet

Our technicians are trained to deal with the filthiest carpets with our most robust methods.

You can be sure you will have a wonderful result by entrusting the job to our professional technicians. We will offer you fast and reliable service, even outside of your business hours.

Steam carpet cleaning

The toughest stains cannot resist our steam cleaning techniques. We apply pre-treatments on dirty places. Then the surface will be brushed if necessary before rinsing the carpet and extracting the water and dirt in depth.

Commercial carpet protector

Protect your investment by asking our professional technicians to apply a generous layer of protector on your carpet to conserve your goods for a longer time.

Restaurant carpet cleaning

Restaurant carpets demand particular attention due to food and grease stains. That’s when Imperial Cleaning intervenes, with its advanced method for clearing the surface soil by electrical brushing to restore the original aspects of the carpet.

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