Air exchangers cleaning services in and around Montreal and Laval

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The air exchangers cannot trap dust too long.

It is recommended to clean the air exchange every 3 to 5 years. Your home breathes through your air exchanger. It gives you fresh air and ejects the stale air outside.

Then, in case of negligence, the impact could be bad for your health because of the development of dust, germs and bacteria, so keep this device for the sake of your family and your home. Also, cleaning your air exchanger ensure proper operation and purify the air in your home for improved air quality and fewer allergens.

Our method of cleaning air exchanger

So, we have two methods for cleaning air exchanger:

  • The first is the most often used is the technique of friction-sucking is a soft brush electrically remote controlled by our certified technicians which is also combined with our long famous suction hose that dirt to send our waste recovery units.
  • The second methodis sometimes used depending on the route and curves between the Duct and air exchanger as such, without ignoring well on the machine that makes it all work
  • Then , we we will involve performing a cleaning including all your air filters and valves internal exchanger, your device will return as new.

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Air exchangers cleaning services in and around Montreal and Laval