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Heating vents and air ducts are dust compounders creating bacteria that can affect your health badly if you don’t clean them regularly. The least harm is low quality air and deterioration of your heating or air conditioning system.

Thanks to our perfect method of friction-suction-pulsion, your ducts will be perfectly clean, as will your dryer vents and air exchanger.

Wall Air Conditioning Cleaning

Wall air conditioning needs to be maintained regularly to keep its performance, but also for a more important reason, these devices accumulate bacteria and fungi over the years, so it is crucial to clean it regularly. We offer a complete microbiological cleaning service for your device. Nothing will be spared, we take care of the entire system, filters, compressor, condenser, complete indoor unit and outdoor unit. For more information, please contact one of our specialists.

Duct Cleaning

Our technicians will essentially inspect your ducts prior to cleaning to make sure they are open and clear. Our electrical pivot brushing method, using a brush connected to the suction hose, surpasses all other available techniques. It scrapes surfaces & detaches sticky dust by sucking it with our powerful machine.

So, your furnace must be brushed and cleaned regularly to perform at its best.

Dust free duct cleaning

If needed we will apply disinfectant throughout and all over your duct work to purify the air that circulates in your house.

Deep inspection with camera

Camera inspections maybe needed to spot any defect or water remaining in some ducts.

Dryer vents cleaning

Your dryer machine duct will accumulate abundant lather-like foam over the years that will cause clogging, unless cleaning is performed regularly. Worse, if a certain accumulation is reached, a fire may be triggered, so don’t take the risk. Regular maintenance is required to protect your loved ones and your house from any tragic accidents.A good cleaning cycle is every 2 to 3 years.

  • Imperial Cleaning is specialized in Air Duct cleaning since 1995 in Montreal, Laval, South shore, North Shore and Gatineau.

Air exchanger cleaning

Air exchangers cannot hold dust for very long. It is recommended that they be cleaned once every 3 to 5 years. Your home breathes through its air exchanger. It brings fresh air in and expels the stale air. If neglected, it could be a health hazard, due to the development of dust, germs and bacteria.

It is critical to maintain it, so that it will always be a healthy addition for your family. Call us when you require this service.

Air Ducts Cleaning = Keep your ducts work germ-free

Your air ducts are dust compounders that create harmful germs, bacteria, and dust mites. Nettoyage Imperial  can eliminate those nasty, unpleasant guests by applying a generous coat of antibacterial throughout all ductwork.

The antibacterial solution is safe for humans and pets, while improving your indoor air quality.




Had our two couches cleaned.The service was fast, efficient, and just as reliable as advertised.

The Technician was pleasant and courteous and did an outstanding cleaning on our furniture.

We look forward to using them again. Alice Brewer- Terrebone


I used the services of Imperial Cleaning and I find their outstanding work.

The staff were professional, they were cleaned very well my ventilation.

Highly recommend. John- Brossard

Business Owner

Great work guys. The team went to work right away after arriving right on time

They cleaned all the vents and were very clean and organized. Jennifer Coleman- Laval

Business Owner

A friend send me to this company, very fast and very efficient.They have done the most thorough and thorough cleaning I know, now my carpet smells fresh and good. Job SUPER well done, you made a huge difference. I will definitely book it again. M.B - Montreal

Business Owner

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